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Client Focused Solutions

For 30 years, Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) has worked with clients to explore new basins, optimize operations and assess opportunities in Western Canada, the U.S. and around the world. Over the past five years alone, CDL has completed 250 projects for more than 100 clients.

CDL’s depth of understanding in petroleum hydrodynamics dates back to 1989, when predecessor Rakhit Petroleum began pioneering the field. We specialize in integrating hydrodynamics with geothermics, geochemistry and geology to help clients reduce risk and refine strategies.

For clients seeking M&A opportunities, CDL is uniquely positioned with the right datasets and deep knowledge to deliver technical assessments for Western Canada. We also provide specialized data to companies seeking to better access, integrate and/or analyze their data.

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  • Rigorous data methods and proven workflows
  • Access to proprietary in-house data, studies and software
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