M&A Technical Assessments

Why Technical Assessments for M&A?

Knowing where to engage and what to avoid in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) directly translates into increased rates of return (ROR) on investment. Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL)’s geological, production and economic technical assessments help identify and assess opportunities for your investment portfolio. These assessments reduce risk and evaluate upside of potential acquisitions.

CDL has spent 30 years building an unrivalled understanding of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin from broad regional picture to in-depth analysis. Our extensive in-house libraries and datasets enable us to quickly and cost-effectively validate geological context, benchmark results and assess best practices. Through ongoing research and development efforts, CDL staff are continuously in tune with current E&P activity and trends. As a result, CDL is uniquely positioned to deliver results.

Why Canadian Discovery?

What We Offer

Geological Assessments

  • Reservoir characterization
  • Play validity
  • Vetting of drilling locations

Economic Assessments

  • Cost assumption verification
  • Processing and takeaway capacity

Production Assessments

  • Type curve verification
  • By-product yields

Due Diligence

  • To “truth” inputs for major decisions
  • Presentation and report

Our Experience

CDL has experience assisting financial firms, A&D and investment houses, current operators and international energy players.

  • Unrivalled Technical Depth
  • Conventional Play Studies
  • Unconventional Play Studies
  • Tight Gas, Shale Gas
  • Tight Oil, Shale Oil
  • Deep Basin/Basin-Centered Gas
  • Pervasive Shallow Biogenic Gas Deposits
  • Coalbed Methane
  • Oil Sands, Heavy Oil

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