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    — Thomas Edison  

Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL)’s products enable hundreds of energy clients worldwide to maximize results. Our products provide reliable data and insights, on demand, via online applications, direct data access and content libraries.

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    Blast up the learning curve with industry-leading E&P research, technical analysis and reporting with the Discovery Digest. Whether you are an established player, new to Canada or new to the oil and gas industry, the Digest delivers digestible, independent information to help Geologists, Engineers and Analysts stay informed.

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    The Canadian Discovery Fluid Dynamics database comprises quality-controlled (QC’d) pressure, fluid and temperature data that are becoming an increasingly critical part of the analytics workflow for engineers and geoscientists. The uses for QC’d data are endless, and it is available exclusively through CDL.

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    Quickly and accurately identify discrete opportunities across key resource plays with Sproule Play Metrics. Determine volumes and economics, and benchmark results between companies, areas, and vintage to understand if your investments are measuring up.

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    Access Western Canada’s largest collection of integrated geoscientific projects to gather intelligence, evaluate specific opportunities and refine your strategies.

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Combine complex oil and gas data with interactive mapping, graphing and spreadsheet tools to quantify opportunities and risks in minutes.



Instantly access CDL’s industry-leading E&P research, technical analysis and reporting for Western Canada and beyond. Get up to speed quickly with our online library of ~2,000 reports.


UK & Norway Products

Explore your potential! CDL’s oil & gas products for the UK and Norway are delivered in partnership with Exploration Geosciences (UK) Ltd.

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