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Canadian Discovery has developed a unique perspective on the factors controlling basinal hydrogeology. By focusing on subsurface fluid dynamics as they relate to basin evolution and its impact on fluid composition, petroleum hydrodynamics have become a key component of an integrated exploration and development program.

Canadian Discovery and Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd. have spent 30+ years building a proprietary library comprising over 195 hydrodynamics studies and aiding clients in nearly 20 countries around the world. Explore some of these studies below or learn about our latest hydrodynamics initiatives: the Canadian Discovery Fluid Dynamics database and the proposed Clearwater Hydrodynamics study.

Detailed Technical Studies

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Hydrodynamics Data

CDL is building a Fluid Dynamics database using our intelligent data capture and screening methods that have been defined by our skilled team of geologists, engineers and analysts. The Canadian Discovery Fluid Dynamics database comprises quality-controlled (QC’d) pressure, fluid and temperature data that are becoming an increasingly critical part of the analytics workflow for engineers and geoscientists. The uses for QC’d data are endless, and it is available exclusively through CDL.

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Custom Solutions

Need something more than our off-the-shelf solutions? For over 30 years, CDL has worked internationally with clients to explore new basins, optimize operations and assess opportunities. Contact us to discuss exclusive consultancy and consortia options for your operations.

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